and forward and reverse proxy too

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Since 2016 VPNKI service provides your very own Internet VPN server to link together multiple tunnels. This way you can easily join all your devices into a single network without any address or protocol restrictions. Using our service you can provide remote access to your network devices even if they have private (RFC1918) IP addresses.


vpnki.com service supports 3 different ways to connect to such resources remotely:

  • Joining two or more VPN tunnels initiated from you network devices into a single network
  • HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy server to access your home network resources from the Internet
  • Publishing your home network resources on the Internet with a special domain name like <your_name>.vpnki.com (this is different from what one can get of Dynamic DNS service; rather this akin to a reverse HTTP proxy)


Using our service you no longer have to sign up for any “Real IP” or “Public IP” services of your Internet or cellular provider and pay extra. Neither you need to set up DDNS and “port forwarding” on your modem or router to provide outside access to your home network resources.


Vpnki service is FREE for 2 VPN tunnels and 1 URL publish service per registred user.

Connect your devices in 3 simple steps:

    Step 1. Register

    Step 2. Set up tunnels on your personal page on vpnki.com

    Step 3. Configure your hardware

Please contact us directly regarding any general questions or registration issues.

Use our support forum for configuration questions and connectivity issues.


We’ll be glad to help you!

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