of our VPN and proxy remote access service

internal url publish

We are happy to announce the launch of a new service: remote access to home network resources by means of publishing an internal Web resource on the Internet using a URL like To have it up and running you need a working VPN tunnel to you home network and a mapping of the internal Web resource to the Internet-accessible special URL.

  • Internet-accessible URL – that’s a specifically composed URL like This URL is accessible from anywhere on the Internet and points your private web service being published (home network resource)
  • Home network resource – this is a URL (possibly using a bare IP address like on your home network that will be published on the Internet using the Internet-accessible URL

This service provides remote access to one’s private Web resources without explicit proxy configuration by using a special, mapped URL.

This service is not to be confused with Dynamic DNS (as it doesn’t require incoming connections and public IP) or with external application hosting (as the applications remain hosted on your private network). Instead our URL publishing service makes use of reverse proxy technology.

The service starts up for you upon activation on your personal VPNKI web page and setting up URL mappings. It is also subject to acceptance of Terms of Use.

Follow this link for service details and usage instructions.

Anyone experiencing technical problems is welcome on our forum. There are certain technical limitations to this service.